In the summer of 2003 the Salt Cay Sunset House permanently closed its doors on the island of Salt Cay. We left behind 8 years of incredible adventures, good times, and many new friends from around the world.

For years Paul and I have delighted in exploring and discovering new natural outposts and travel adventures for our friends. Paul has finally returned from Iraq and Afghanistan after 6 long years of rebuilding local infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals, and Iraqi/Afghan military bases. A little dinged up, deaf as a post in 1 ear thanks to an IED, but still the same Paul!

Michele works in La Junta, Colorado now. Paul is resting and looking for work. Michele maintains a Facebook site under Mi Wells. We would enjoy hearing from all our friends! For more about what we have been doing and about me, click here.

For Michele's Atocha emerald collection, click here.

You may contact us at

All the Best
Michele & Paul

Updated 18 Oct 2010